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Members are invited to submit links to the Editor of websites that they think may be of interest to other members.

The Cromard Special

A rather interesting history of this Lea-Francis engined “Special” built by Bob Spikins chief of the Laystall Engineering Co. Ltd., of Wolverhampton. The car still exists today…

Turner Sports Cars

Details of Lea-Francis powered Turner sports cars and the Formula 2 racing car can be found at this very interesting and informative site.

Haynes Motor Museum

Sparkford, Somerset, over 400 cars and motorcycles on display, including two Turners, a Formula 2 Racing Car with Lea-Francis based engine, and a sports car originally fitted with a Lea-Francis engine and sold to Ken Rose - son of Hugh Rose.

The Vintage Sports-Car Club

The premier British club for cars built before 1940, the VSCC organises competitive and social events for its members where our cars can be used in the types of competiton they were designed for. Spectators are welcome at most events and marshals are always needed.

The Woodie Car Club

The UK-based club for wooden-bodied estates. The Woodie Car Club was formed in the UK during 2000 for the purpose of sharing information on their restoration and preservation. The club welcomes all individuals who either own, or have an interest in, “woodies”, and has among its members several owners of Lea-Francis estates.

The Racing Beasleys

A fascinating website with some great photos of Alf Beasley racing a Lea-Francis engined midget racing car.

Motor Books

The world’s oldest motoring bookseller, formerly situated in the centre of London, no longer offers a shop service. They offer fast and efficient shipping worldwide, and a secure server to facilitate online orders from their database of over 40,000 books and videos.

Pooks Motor Books

This motoring bookshop is at Rothley, near Leicester and also offers worldwide dispatch - and Barrie Pook who started it is a former Lea-Francis owner!
The address is: Unit 4, Victoria Mills, Fowke Street, Rothley, Leicestershire, LE7 7PJ
Telephone: +44(0) 116 237 6222

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